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In the complicated and often opaque construction of B2B supply chain, each relationship and pricing agreement forms another interdependence in an intricate web. Market tremors, raw material issues, geopolitical concerns or any number of variables can rattle the entire supply chain. In times of volatility, this pauses as a challenge of amplified uncertainty and higher risks for the companies.

ClearD3™ comes as a solution to this challenge.

Taking into consideration the uniqueness of your company, ClearD3™ monitors the supply chain relationships within your industry, tracks and measures known interdependencies.

This is an intelligent platform that is able to harness the insights within thousands of external data items, both positives and negatives, linking their relevance and potential for your business. The result is a highly accurate price forecasting based on consolidating the advice of all data items along the entire supply network of your industry.

No-risk Implementation

ClearD3™ can help your company add to its margins and revenues, but without the burden of crippling start-up investments.

Implementing ClearD3™ improves your gross margins by an average of 4% without disruption to your processes or resource commitment.

ROI Agreed from Day One

We agree with you upfront the costs and the realistic timeline for achieving Return on Investment.

  • ROI targets agreed from Day One, with measurable results presented after two or three quarters
  • Commission is set as a percentage of the increased gross margin or revenue growth
  • A rigorous A/B testing objectively benchmarks ClearD3™ results against the non-ClearD3 transactions

No Process Changes
Our implementation approach puts only limited demand on your resources and ensures your team can continue to work as before.

  • No disruption – we work with the existing IT environment in your company
  • One dedicated Project Manager at 10-20% workload
  • Three 1.5 hour management meetings to evaluate the results

Clear ROI Targets

  • Should you price aggressively today and give your customers a 3-to-6-month pricing commitment? Or is it better to be cautious, market pricing could go up sharply?
  • Gross margins that could have been achieved using data-driven decision making
  • Estimated revenues and pricing relative to the current pricing policy
  • Costs and timeline for achieving Return On Investment

Start Moving

When dealing with complex business challenges, projections based on historical data alone are of little use. Looking back at last year’s, or even the past 5 years’ prices, even with the support of consultants and external analysts, means you are still doing guesswork — an expensive guesswork.

Stop looking back and start moving forward.

ClearD3™ runs real-time analyses of thousands of external macro-economic and industry data points aggregated to arrive at the best price for your products – the price that will achieve growth and profitability for your company.

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No Process Changes

Our implementation approach ensures employees can continue to work as before, so business as usual. No interference with what your people know best from years of experience in their domain. ClearD3™ handles the behind-the-scenes collection of supply chain data and price optimisation keeping your company consistently ahead of competition.

Your company can continue working with its normal price ‘waterfall’ process, offering your customers the customised discount and rebate structures they are familiar with.

No False Positives

The key challenge of the data science effort is to generate reliable insights and avoid expensive forecasting errors – so called ‘false positives’ or ‘false negatives’.

Real-time economic supply-chain relationships in ClearD3™ serve as a guardrail for the Machine Learning algorithms. Historically strong relationships are taken into consideration only when they have economic relevance. Our data scientists draw on this best practice to improve the forecasting performance in the real world. 

“We use real economic data, as well as the business context and relevance, to avoid any ‘false’ positive relationships.” Shahe Jokarian, Senior Machine Learning Engineer

No Data

Companies can reap an additional 4 to 6 % in gross margins by incorporating external data in their pricing process. But there is more at stake. Possessing new market knowledge before your competitors do, can make the difference between winning market share or losing it to the competition.

  • Cash value of expected annual generation of additional revenues or margins
  • Gross margins that could have been achieved using data-driven decision making
  • Estimated revenues and pricing relative to the current pricing policy
  • Costs and timeline for achieving Return On Investment

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